Assessment: Two Flavors!


Here are some great websites that can help you to create authentic assessments:

Socrative Free. You set up your class, and give students a code to participate. This tool has many features and allows you to collect a plethroa of data regarding student performance. The bonus? It takes about three minutes to learn how to use. Students can respond from any type of device. For mobile devices it is necessary to download the free Socrative app from the ITunes App Store or Google Play in order to participate.

Kahoot Also free. No need to set up a class. Create a question set or use one created by someone else in the Kahoot community. Give your students the code and have them navigate to the student site, This one collects data on student performance and creates leaderboards for your class(es). However, it is much more simplistic than Socrative and does not have all of the options for data collection. Use this one to encourage friendly competition amongst students or to conduct trivia games. You can download and print a report after a play session.

Quiz Operator QuizOperator is a free tool that lets you easily create and share quizzes. You just have to choose the quiz name and fill in the quiz options. Other people can join your quiz by going to a link or by searching for it. The score is tracked by the app and the winner will be calculated automatically. Perfect to use during your lesson, presentation, or speech because all Internet-connected devices can be used.

Mentimeter Free and easy way to get immediate feedback from students. No account signup required. Students can answer from computers, tablets, or smartphones. Simply create your question and the response choices, send your students to the web link provided, and give them the question code. Response data is provided instantly.

Rubistar A free tool that helps teachers create quality rubrics. Templates are provided for all types of student performances, which you can then customize to meet your needs!

Thinking Gear This Rubric Machine enables you to construct and implement scoring rubrics into your instruction as a means for providing learning-centered feedback and assessment of student work. (added to site by D. Peters)

Answer Pad This is a great free site/iPad app combo that allows teachers to create answer sheets online and then assign them to students. The students then using a free app fill in the answer sheet, show their work, etc and then submit to their teacher which they get instant real-time results/graphs. No iPad? No problem. Students can also log in on the website on a computer and access the answer sheets.