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Virtual Learning Environment provided by Blended Schools includes many, many technology tools, all integrated in one place:
  • online courses. All HS core courses available. Most core curricula Gr 2-8 now also available; much more in development
    • Click here for listing of all courses
      Screen shot 2013-04-09 at 6.37.49 AM.png
      Study Mate activity created by students.
  • Content Management System: students (and teachers) can save work, create ePortfolios, share work internally and externally (eg. with colleges)
  • Wimba Voice Tools (now called Voice Board): Voice authoring, Voice discussion boards, voice direct live, podcaster, voice presentation
  • Wimba Classroom (Now called Blackboard Collaborate): Synchronous online classroom tool
  • Safe Assignment: plagiarism checker
  • Pronto (Now called Blackboard IM): instant messenger, instant voice chat
  • Learning Objects: blogs, wikis, RSS feeds, search
  • Study Mate Server (pictured here): create ten different types of flash-based activities and games using simple templates
  • Waypoint: Platform for developing standards aligned rubrics to assess student work
  • Wimba Create: Convert MS Word documents into content for your blackboard
  • Respondus: Powerful tool for creating and managing exams that can be printed to paper or published directly to blackboard

Mark and Mark in the Morning! Show This podcast is broadcast on the first Monday of every month, and it is also archived for viewing anytime. You can download this podcast in MP4 format to watch on your iPod...and it gives you a humorous look at what's new on BlendedSchools, as well as sharing time-
saving tips!

Top Ten Instructional Methods for Using in Your Classroom:
  1. Post announcements to remind students and parents of classroom activities and deadlines.
  2. Post classroom lecture notes, handouts, worksheets, pictures, and PowerPoint presentations.
  3. Create computer-graded assessments.
  4. Use the online grade book to inform students and parents of progress.
  5. Use the Assignment Creator (select evalutate) to collect assignments.
  6. Use the threaded discussion board for online collaboration for group activities.
  7. Use email for communicating with parents and students.
  8. Create website links to guide student research, provide additional learning opportunities, direct student use of online tutorials, connect students to primary resources, and engage students in exploratory activities.
  9. Post class events, assignments and tests to the online calendar.
  10. Create surveys to gather information from your students and parents.

Try THIS! Click on the FACULTY tab (purple tab) in! You will find lots and lots of really amazing websites to support your teaching!

Elluminate Virtual Classroom Tips:
1. Create an Elluminate content tab on the main page of your class. Add the Wimba Classroom tool to your tab for easy access.
2. Have students (or the building tech asst.) run the wizard on each computer that will be used ahead of time. The most common problem encountered is that the popup blocker must be turned off in order for Elluminate classroom to run. There is no reason to run the wizard each time you enter the classroom...instruct students to skip this step after the wizard has run successfully the first time.
3. It's a good idea to set up some general guidelines for chatting and for speaking. For instance, you may want to tell the students when they may begin typing in the chat window. Otherwise you get a lot of "hey!" and "whassup?". Also, instruct students to raise their virtual hands and wait to be recognized by the moderator before pressing the talk button to speak.
4. Application sharing is hard to make work! Generally, you can share your desktop with much greater ease.
5. Try uploading your documents. Just remember that powerpoints lose all special effects and transitions because they simply become a series of images.