Creating Collages, Webs, and Posters Online

Creating a collage is a wonderful way for students to demonstrate understanding of concepts or broad themes. With these online creators, making a collage is a snap! Be sure that students use copyright-free images and that they give attribution to the photographers or other sources of their images.

Please note: Glogster is no longer free. It's a powerful tool, but most teachers have moved elsewhere due to cost. Instead, try BiteSlide (formerly Beeclip) below.

BiteSlide Free tool. Create scrapbooks or collages, collaborate
with others.
Screen shot 2013-04-09 at 6.39.47 AM.png

Be Funky
Free photo and collage editor. No need to register for an account, so it's easy to use with students. Also available as an app for iPads or iPod touch (even iPhone) and android tablets and smartphones.

Shape CollageAdd photos from your computer or on the web, and in moments this creator will make a collage in the shape of your choice.

Stained Glass CollageRecord entire events by creating these beautiful collages.

BigHugeLabsDo lots of fun stuff with your digital photos. Educators can create accounts for free, and you can create accounts for your students without needing e-mail addresses.

Stormboard This is a giant sticky-note tool that allows users to organize ideas graphically. Free accounts allow students to save their edistorms, and multiple users can collaborate on edistorms.

LinoIt This tool is a bulletin board space much like edistorm and wallwisher, but with an entire classroom learning management system built in. You can track assignments and push email reminders to your students.

Padlet (Formerly Wallwisher) Like edistorm, users can post sticky notes to a wall to share ideas. This site works well as a survey or exit-card tool. It does not have as many features as edistorm, but it is more intuitive and thus lends itself to effective use with beginners. There is no login required to create or post to a wall. Just share the URL. Of course, if you'd like to save, embed, or share your wall with others, create a free account.

Popplet Popplet is a new web app that is like Wallwisher on steriods. You can make an outline "bulletin board" with virtual "post-its" (called "popplets"), just like in Wallwisher. And, except for the fact that you have to register to use it, Popplet is just as easy and, in some ways, easier to use with a lot more functionality. With Popplet, you search for images and videos on the Web directly within the "popplet" instead of copying and pasting the url address (as you need to do in Wallwisher). You can draw within the "popplet" and it doesn't appear to have a limit on the number of characters you can use. You can connect the "popplets." You can also embed the whole thing in your teacher website or wiki.


Mind42 (Collaborator needs account.)MindMeister Mapping (Collaborator needs account.)PearlTrees

Try these for making posters:

  • Smore (create and share modular posters with a variety of media elements built on templates)
  • Phoster looks like a similar poster tool for iPhone and iPad
  • Poster My Wall (a handy basic canvas with attractive backgrounds and collage options)
  • Art Skills (less social, more kid-friendly)
  • Muzy Thoughts (backgrounds for sharing inspirational text and creating classroom posters)
  • Posterini (movie poster-style templates)
  • BigHugeLabs (image generator goodies and several poster templates)
  • Zeen (create media-rich, Tumblr-style online magazines of unlimited length)
  • Thinglink (for adding interactive links and annotations to posters)

And these for making infographics: