Learner Response Systems for Student Engagement

Whether you choose to use old-school student slates or dry-erase boards, an online tool, or student response "clickers," you already probably realize that this strategy forces every student to answer every question you ask. This is a sure way to make certain every student participates, and it has the added bonus of providing you (and your students, too) with immediate feedback.

Why should you use them? Read this Edudemic article to see why:

Ways to use Student Response Systems:

Test review
Take a test (automatically graded)
Take a survey
"Quiz Bowl" type games (like Jeopardy)
Integrate with Study Island
Integrate with Brain Pop (provided your school has a subscription)
Gather feedback (opinion, likert scale, etc.)
Do Now, Bell Ringer, Ticket Out The Door

Online Tools (FREE)

Choosing an online tool means that you don't need to have a set of "clickers" in order for students to respond. These two sites allow input from any device, whether computer, tablet, or smartphone:

Socrative Free. You set up your class, and give students a code to participate. This tool has many features and allows you to collect a plethroa of data regarding student performance. The bonus? It takes about three minutes to learn how to use. Students can respond from any type of device. For mobile devices it is necessary to download the free Socrative app from the ITunes App Store or Google Play in order to participate.

Kahoot Also free. No need to set up a class. Create a question set or use one created by someone else in the Kahoot community. Give your students the code and have them navigate to the student site, http://kahoot.it. This one collects data on student performance and creates leaderboards for your class(es). However, it is much more simplistic than Socrative and does not have all of the options for data collection. Use this one to encourage friendly competition amongst students or to conduct trivia games. You can download and print a report after a play session.

Handheld LRS "Clickers"

High School: We own one set of SMART Response XE "clickers." You will need the SMART Response software installed on your computer to use these (send a tech help desk request).
Here's the link to information on how to use Smart Response with your class:
HS teachers who currently have SMART boards installed in their classrooms also have access to SMART Response VE, which allows students to respond from any computer, tablet, or mobile device. This is a special subscription and is not available to classrooms where a SMARTboard has not yet been installed.

Middle School:Each team of teachers has a set of ActivExpression LRS from Promethean. Here's a document that will help you get started with all three ways to use your ActivExpressions with students. I recommend you download this .pdf file to your computer as it outlines how to create a quick poll, a set of questions within a flipchart, and a self-paced session.
Just a note: If you want to use your ActivExpressions with BrainPop, you'll need to tech help desk a request to have the

Elementary Schools:
Weisenberg: Your grade level team has several sets of ActivExpression or ActiVote LRS from Promethean. Click on the link above (under Middle School) for the getting started documentation. Northwestern Elementary? Not yet...

Both elementary schools have several sets of CPS clickers from eInstruction. Most of you already have the necessary software on your computers.
To start us off, though, here's the link to the latest software upgrade, which includes lots of new features. You'll need to Tech Help Desk your request to install this software update, but it's worth it to have all the latest features.
CPS for PC Full Edition