Making comics with your students? Try these free comic creators!

Easiest free online comic creator ever: Make Beliefs Comix No accounts required. Great for quick implementation! Use in any subject at any level, including ESL, as this creator supports eight different languages.

Comiqs Use your photos to create a comic-book-style story.

Hero Machine (

Kerpoof (

ToonDo (

Read, Write, Think Comic Creator Very simple comic template that even the youngest students can use.

Read, Write, Think Character Trading Cards Very simple template allows students to create their own trading cards.

Web-based comic strip style (not animated)
Here you can draw your own web comics from scratch. Edit and caption photos, take webcam pictures, add speech balloons, and draw lines to share your stories with the web comic community.
Comic Creator
This lesson, created by the International Reading Association, explores the process of writing a comic strip. Here you’ll find interactive comic lessons for grades K–12 and PDF worksheets. Comic Creator has a drag-and-drop interface with all the necessary tools (backgrounds, characters, props, and speech bubbles) to make your comic strip lesson a success.
Comic Master: Graphic Novel Creator
Make quick and easy work of creating your own graphic novel with Comic Master. The detailed interface is easy to use with drag-and-drop options and superhero clip art that’s ready to fly into your story.
Make a Comic
Here, users create very simple comic strips within minutes. Using pull-down menu options, students can create a two-character comic strip with background photos, narration, dialogue, and thought bubbles.
Make Beliefs Comics
Author Bill Zimmerman’s web-based site enables users to write their comics in languages other than English, including Spanish, French, German, Italian, Latin and Portuguese—with Chinese, Japanese, and Korean to come. Find printables, lessons, and writing prompts here, too.
Classroom routines can be presented in a whole new way! Upload a photo and add speech bubbles and photo effects to create fun and interesting comic strips.
A free, Web-based site where you can create characters, edit poses or expressions, and add props and speech bubbles. The easy click-and-drag interface allows for a quick and easy comic strip. Also available:
Pixton for Schools
The Pixton for Schools version comes with teacher moderation options and assessment rubrics, sound and voice, and image uploading capabilities. Free 30-day trial for 50 students; premium pricing: $130 for 50 students for a year, or $2.60 per student.
Select characters, costumes, scenery, create dialogs, and choose from a library of animations to make storytelling easier. Stage’d allows you to place characters, costumes, and props wherever needed. You even have control over how your characters stand. Using the puppet tool allows characters to bend every which way for a more animated comic.
Witty Comics
Select from a library of scenes, characters, and bubbles to make simple strips. For users looking for quick, two-character conversations, Witty Comics is the free website for you
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