Dropbox.com Provides up to 2G of cloud storage for free; earn more by referring others to join. Not only can you access your files easily from anywhere with an Internet connection, you can install the dropbox folder on the desktop of any computers you use and your files can sync automatically. Drop a document into the dropbox folder at school and it will be waiting for you in your folder on your home computer. You can also share folders with other dropbox users, making simultaneous sharing of information easier since no emailing is involved.

Google Docs/Google Drive http://docs.google.com
Create your own word documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, etc. and then share them for collaboration online. Northwestern Lehigh teachers should contact Kathy Fiedler or Matt Daubenspeck to have a district account created for them. Google Drive allocates 5G of cloud storage for free.

Office Online http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/word/default.aspx
Free online workspace.

Zoho http://www.zoho.com/
Similar to Google Docs, this application offers a huge menu of choices of document and project types for sharing and collaborating.

Type with ME No account creation required. Great for use with students on the fly, or with elementary students. One person opens the site, and the participants only need to visit the unique URL to join in.

TitanPad Like Type with Me but with a few extra features.

Dabbleboard Virtual whiteboard that allows you a white space to draw or to pull in documents and then draw, annotate, or otherwise create on them. You can invite others to work in the space with you, similar to Type With Me. Think about creating a graphic organizer and inviting others to fill it in with you. Or to make a gigantic virtual poster collaboratively. This tool would be fantastic when used on an interactive whiteboard with one of the participants adding input at the big board. The tool is free for basic version.

Nota Online note-taking tool that permits storage of notes and social access. This site is monitored and inappropriate material is deleted.

ScribLink Collaborative online workspace that permits collaboration between users on an interactive white space. Upload maps, math problems, or invite others to type. Work cannot be saved; it actually has to be sent to an email address upon exit. Great way to have students share their work with you!!!