Former Keep Vid Users: Please note that Keep Vid was spreading viruses rapidly to computers and is no longer supported. Please read below "Addressing the BLOCKED BY FILTER problem with YouTube" for a new solution to downloading videos to use in the classroom.

Looking for just the right video clip to illustrate a point or to catch students' attention? Try searching these sites:

Discovery Education (Formerly called "United Streaming") You can access hundreds of thousands of videos, either in their entirety or clip by clip, and play them immediately through video streaming, or download them and save them to play from your computer's hard drive, a jump drive, or a CD. Videos are accompanied by lesson plans, downloadable worksheets and activities, and more. This resource contains a huge clip-art and image library, a special events calendar, and a powerful search engine allowing teachers to search by subject, grade level, and/or standards alignment. Students may also access this resource if you create student accounts, and all of the videos and images are copyright-free to subscribers, so they make excellent resources for students making video presentations using Microsoft MovieMaker or iMovie. In addition, teachers can set up writing prompts and other types of assignments for students to complete through the site. Homework helpers and links to great websites for students to explore at school and at home are also provided. NWLSD Teachers must first create an account to access all of the features of the site. Please contact Kathy Fiedler for account startup information. Stay tuned for announcements of PD events throughout the year to help you use DE for MORE than just showing videos to your class!!!

Safari Montage Video streaming with the benefits of tools...slow down your video, show it in Spanish with English captions. The database is not as large, but the quality is outstanding: Disney, A&E, PBS, Weston Woods, National Geographic, and more. Log in with your district email username and current password.

Addressing the BLOCKED BY FILTER problem with YouTube:
Let's say you've found the PERFECT video on YOUTUBE (or other site) that you'd like your class to watch. You want to have a sub play it for the class, or would like place it in your Blackboard course or your teacher website but don't want the filter override to pop up because you don't want to give your password to the sub or can't override the filter for every kid so they can watch it in your Blackboard course or website.
What to do? What to do?
First: Find a YouTube video online that you want to download.

Next: Add the letters "ss" in the url like this:
Click ENTER and (if at school) enter your filter override credentials. You should be routed to a site called where you can download various formats of your video. (BE CAREFUL to not click on the many advertisements blinking on the page!)

Finally: Click the video format you wish to save (.Mp4) and download the video to your desktop or upload it to your Blackboard course (or save it anywhere you wish). The video can now be viewed without a filter override password. Heck, now that it's saved to your computer, you won't even need an internet connection. (But the kids will if they're viewing it within a BB course).

Note: Be sure to give credit to your source if you are uploading the video to a website or BB course.Note: This does not work for Safari Montage videos as they are a paid subscription service that only permits live streaming. Sorry, but that's their license.

How to Make an Interactive Lesson Using YouTube! Yes, that's right! You can make an interactive YouTube video!!! Set it up so students can respond to questions within the video, which links to another video (depending upon whether their answer was correct or incorrect). The "incorrect" video path may include a video explanation, if you wish. If you want to avoid filtering issues, put your video inside Blackboard and make sure that "open links in new window" is NOT selected. Click on the link above for a tutorial that will teach you how to create these interactive videos.

If you use YouTube videos, why not get a bit creative? Try this: Use YouCube. Copy the URL of your favorite YouTube clip and paste it into the field for YouCube, and you've got two benefits: 1. No ads or distractions and 2. The kids will be amazed at your tech skills.

TeacherTube Just like YouTube, this site is loaded with videos made by teachers and students. You can find lots of useful videos here that are appropriate for the classroom. The video quality is sometimes poor and the files must be ripped in order to use them inside other applications, but they really are worth the trouble.

Watch, Know, Learn
Free K-12 educational videos … organized. Tens of thousands of excellent, educational videos in a huge, intuitive directory. Organized, reviewed, rated!

60 Second Recap
One-minute video summaries of the important literary elements of classic and contemporary literary works.

School Tube
Video hosting and sharing site for teachers and students. The library is growing by the minute.

Edit videos and add your own narration and questions to check for student understanding! USE EDPuzzle!

Need more alternatives to You Tube? Go to 30+ alternatives to You Tube.

Vixy File converter. Converts video clips from programs like TeacherTube and YouTube into mp4s so you can transport them and play them using Windows Media Player.

Here's a nifty tool if you are starting to use YouTube videos with students. Cut to the Chase allows you to trim down the content of a video (because of time constraints, or if you just need to eliminate some inappropriate material):

View Pure is a simple little tool that strips YouTube viewing of all of the distractions of related videos, comments, and promoted videos. To use View Pure just copy the link of a video into the "purifier," click purify, and your video will be displayed on a blank white background. You can also install the View Pure bookmarklet to accomplish the same goal.

Here's another great tool that allows you and your students to annotate YouTube videos. Try VideoAnt.