You may have to use the filter override password to access these sites from school, but they're worth it. Some of the games or the tools may need to be downloaded (again, you'll need administrative rights to do so, so Tech Help Desk will be needed); some can be embedded into your website or wiki.

Interrobang Site where students can complete "missions" and "deeds" (play games to learn new skills). Or, older students can suggest new missions and create new tasks if accepted by the Interrobang site. Students earn badges for their work. This is interactive learning at its best. Account signup is free. These assignments are so much fun, the students won't realize they are learning. Try assigning these for homework that will actually be completed.

Word Games Great collection of games. Some advertising, but I've never seen inappropriate ads on the site. Some games need to be downloaded. Some can be embedded. Simple crosswords, word searches, typing games, and even more sophisticated games appear on the site.

Sploder Create your own games! Free site features three different types of game creators. You can play games made by others on the site as well.

Kodu This one is awesome! It runs a bit slow, but kids can create real 3D virtual games within this platform. They can even play them on an Xbox 360 when completed. All programming concepts. Kids love it and it includes higher level thinking for sure!

Python - a free download for programing and creating your own games.

Alice - from Carnegie Mellon - create a story, interactive games and more with this fun application.

Scratch - an MIT basic programing site for learning the basics. The site is fun and interactive.

Playcrafter - create more fun games with this tool. High levels of thinking involved.

Fyrebug - simple and fun. Choose a type of game. Choose or upload the objects and have fun!