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Note: Google Apps work best in the Chrome browser, which is a free download.

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9 Best Practices for Using Google in the Classroom:

Applications to explore:
Google Search
Think you know everything there is to know about google search? Think again. First of all, move your mouse over the list of items in the upper left side of the screen (they appear when you move your mouse to this area). Web Search is the default, followed by Image search. But what about the other links that appear? There are many, many Google Apps that you'll want to explore (many of them appear here on this wiki page). But let's start with basic searching. Often overlooked is the RELATED SEARCHES feature, because the suggested search terms appear at the bottom of the page. Direct your students to take a look if they're not happy with what they're finding. Also, click on the ADVANCED SEARCH hyperlink to the right of the main search box, and you've got all the Boolean Operators you'd ever need.

Google Scholar Designed to help students research works from scholarly journals, patent applications, and legal opinions. You can read full text legal documents from US federal and state district courts.

Google Books Try Advanced Search, which allows you to search for full-length books in the public domain. These books are available for free download and printing. You can also create your own bookshelf of favorite reads.

Google Drive Word Processing/Presentation/Spreadsheet tool that allows you to share your work with others. This tool is great for collaboration, or for sharing information digitally as a sort of electronic bulletin board. You can create Forms, which are great for creating surveys or for gathering information from others, even for creating tests and quizzes. Be sure to check out some of the templates (think word games, calendars, etc.) for students and teachers. In addition, you can create a collaborative spreadsheet (like Excel), a presentation (like PowerPoint), a Form (survey tool that populates a spreadsheet), a drawing, and other interesting collaborative tools. AND IT'S ALL FREE.

Google Fast Flip Use Google Fast Flip to discover and share news articles. It combines qualities of print and the Web, with the ability to "flip" through pages online as quickly as flipping through a magazine.

This is what Google Fast Flip is like - a news stand on the Internet!
Google Shared Spaces These little programs (widgets) allow you to do an amazing number of tasks collaboratively. Conduct polls (yes, no, maybe), create a map with the map gadget, use a collaborative drawing board with draw board, play games, make lists with listly, manipulate "magnetic words" with magnetic fridge poetry, and more. All widgets are shareable via link or embedding like the one below:
Embedded from Google Shared Spaces. Create your own space.

Google SketchUp3D software tool allows you to design buildings, which then can be placed within Google Earth or other applications. This is also a free download.Google Earth View the Earth via satellite images, take virtual tours of landmarks, historical sites, tourist destinations, create your own virtual field trips and more. This application requires a free download.
Google Lit Trips This is a mashup with Google Earth, so you'll need it installed on your computer, as well as Google SketchUp, if you want to enjoy the full effect. Visit places featured in literary works, take virtual trips along with the characters in books, as well as linking to Google's search engine to research the setting and historical events relevant to each work.

And now for...THE MOST AMAZING IDEAS for using Google Apps in the Classroom Ever!!!