Resources to Support Instruction in Health and Physical Education

Get Body Smart Online tutorials on the human body that include Adobe Flash demonstrations and large color diagrams with labels.
PE Central A huge database of health and physical education lesson and assessment ideas! You will find over 2000 ideas submitted by 1200 professional educators.
Presidential Youth Fitness Program Sign up for your free toolbox of Physical Education resources here!
Kids' Health Staying healthy, dealing with feelings, and nutrition and cooking are just a few of the topics on this interactive site.
Plastic Fork Diaries Follow six middle school students as they experience first-hand the relationship between food and their changing bodies, cultural differences, the vanishing family meal, nutrition and athletic performance. In a series of episodes, you access diaries, letters and notes of a group of people who aren't really friends, but may have more in common than they realize. Take some time to explore. The site is Flash-intensive. Along the way, you'll find basic information and exotic facts about something in the story, including history, cooking techniques, nutritional and medicinal values, and odd facts.
Spark People is a site that aims to inspire people to achieve their personal best health. Their site is free to join. It includes a wide variety of resources including food guides, nutrition information, workout plans, recipes, articles, calculators, and other tools to track progress.

DEA Drug Fact Sheets The official site of the US Drug Enforcement Agency, this webpage includes high-quality information on a wide variety of illegal and prescription drugs, as well as everyday household substances that are commonly abused.
Science of Hockey Developed by the Exploratorium with the assistance of the NHL's San Jose Sharks, this site takes you inside the sport and explains the science behind the world's fastest game. The site contains RealVideo and Audio interviews with top scientists and NHL players and coaches
BBC Science Human Body A rich site that covers a variety of topics using multiple approaches (factual text, flash movies, interactive quizzes). Sections include: Interactive body (organs game, skeleton game, muscle game, nervous system game, puberty demo); Psychological tests (Can you read faces? What disgusts you? Are you a thrill seeker?); and printable versions for handouts.
Habits of the Heart Habits of the Heart was developed as a resource for students and teachers interested in learning about the cardiovascular and circulatory systems. Some of the things you will find in this site are: lesson plans, classroom and online activities, videos, links to other sites, and information about lungs too!
It's My Life (PBS Kids) It's My Life is organized across five topic "channels": Friends, Family, School, Body, and Emotions. Printable activities include journal pages, discussion questions, worksheets, and word puzzles. Lesson Plans on Bullies , Home Alone, Smoking, Eating Disorders, and Drug Abuse.
Safety House Doll-house lets you explore room by room with short, interactive popup windows that inform on injury prevention, carbon monoxide, fires, poisons, and lead poisoning dangers within each room. Related links embedded in some of the popup windows leads to more info.
Games Kids Play This unique site offers detailed instructions for dozens of classic kids' games. Check out Quick Favorites for details on car games, four square, capture the flag, duck-duck-goose, hopscotch, pickle, and red light green light. Search by category for clapping, ball, chasing, circle, mental, sensing, and strength games. There are also sections on jump rope rhymes, jacks, marbles, and international games.