Want your students to be able to mark locations on a map with pushpins? These sites allow marking satellite images with text, photographs, and more.

The most effective use of such interactive mapping sites is to create "Virtual Field Trips." Students can research a region and then post the information for others to "visit."

Try these:

Google Earth
You must download the software to your computer before using this product. Satellite images (usually taken a year or two ago) provide great zoom-in. Virtual field trip mapping software included.

Flash Earth
No download required. Uses NASA images (updated daily), or, for a closer look, you can click to use Microsoft Virtual Maps, which, like Google Earth, consist of static satellite imagery with good zoom-in capability.

Bing Maps
If you're just looking for road maps, this site is easy to use and provides updated maps with great detail. You can search by business, address, or landmark.

Earth Album
Wow! A simple mashup that combines satellite imagery and includes top photos of landmarks and other locations of the world from flickr. This site grows monthly as new photos are posted. Check back often!

Earth Observatory (NASA site)