Activities to support literacy in the content areas.

If you are looking to have classroom discussions that encourage students to think about their reading and that help to develop active and thoughtful readers, then try "Save the Last Word for Me." Click the link below to download the file!

More activities to support literacy in the content areas.

Try this great strategy to help students make their own meaning. This great graphic organizer can even be used as a form of assessment!

Here is a strategy to use when working with new vocabulary. With this graphic organizer, students make their own meaning. They will still use dictionary skills when they use the dictionary as a resource to validate their definition.

Here is an effective note taking strategy. "Power notes" is a systematic way to help students organize information. This system creates a streamlined form of note taking.

Are you looking for a writing tool to help your struggling/reluctant writers? This graphic organizer works well for argumentative/opinion writing as well as preparing for a debate. You can also use this strategy to support inferences and predictions.