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Creating movies is reasonably easy to do. If your PC has Windows XP, Vista, or 2007, then you already have Windows Movie Maker available to you. If you are running Windows 7 or 8, you'll need to go to the web to download MovieMaker for free.

Simply click on the start button at the bottom left-hand corner of the screen, and click on "All programs." Windows Movie Maker should appear in the list of programs. If it does not, go to Accessories and then Entertainment, and you should see Windows Movie Maker in the list of programs.

Apple users should rely on iMovie to get them up and creating a movie in minutes. Here's a good website that has lots of tutorials on how to use your iMovie, iPhoto, or other Mac application: iClarified
For example, here's a link to iClarified's directions for including Green Screen footage in iMovie '09:

Another option when creating "movies" is to use photo slide shows with music and narration, using PhotoStory (free download).

Animoto This free online tool allows you to upload your images, add text and music, and create a video in minutes. Be sure to sign up for a free EDUCATOR account. You'll be able to make movies of any length.

Create movies using primary source images at Primary Access. You can create iconographic films as well as storyboards and rebus stories.

Discovery Education Streaming Video (Formerly United Streaming) Digital videos for use in the classroom, lesson plans, blackline masters, and other helpful resources to accompany the videos. Teachers should contact Mrs. Fiedler in order to set up a username and password. Students may also create accounts. Not only may they view the videos, but they may use clips and sounds in the creation of digital projects.

Recommended websites for free audio files (sound effects, music, etc.):

Sound effects: Make sure you use free (labeled for reuse) music and sounds. Try Incompetech for high quality royalty-free music. Also try fx downloads for sound effects.
TV Sound tracks: Need George of the Jungle? Man from U.N.C.L.E? Gilligan's Isle? Go to the Classic TV site where you'll find tons of resources. Be sure to scroll down to be able to click on the alphabetical listing. These are also royalty-free.

Video Hosting Sites:
Where to store video creations so that you can embed them on your website, or post them for your students to see online? Make sure whatever site you choose allows you to control the privacy settings, so that they are not available for the entire world to view!
Try these: