Get out those DIGITAL CAMERAS!!! If a picture is worth a thousand words, you can cover some ground in no time at all with these cool image tools.
Ask Questions.jpg easy-to-use photo editor that integrates with the major online photo-sharing sites; includes blemish removal and wrinkle-smoothing as well as a host of other tools.

Free photo sharing site. Upload your photos, crop, fix, edit, and share them with anyone...for free, of course. Check out the Creative Commons licensing on each photo before using in in your own project.

BigHugeLabsDo lots of fun stuff with your photos. Teachers can sign up for free accounts, and can create accounts for their students without needing e-mail addresses.

Image Chef Similar to BigHugeLabs. Image chef has hundreds of templates for enhancing your photos, or you can draw your own and share with the community. Includes word art tools that allow for the creation of "wordle" type images in a variety of shapes and layouts.

GimpThis free photo editor is a downloadable open source program. It has many of the same features as PhotoShop, but operates with a different look and feel.
This program operates very much in the same manner as PhotoShop, but it is free. No download required.

Nose broken? Get it phixed! This simple editor allows user to add features and do some simple editing. Free, and no download required, but you must sign up before you can use the features.

PicnikThis free photo editing site allows sharing on social networking sites. Lots of fun features, but watch out for premium features, which will cost you money.

Google's Picasa
This is a free download from Google. Picasa has some very basic photo editing features, but it allows you to share your photos with family and friends.

SplashUPThis tool is free and requires no download. It has good editing tools, but is somewhat limited in the range of filter options offered. However, you can import photos from facebook or flickr.

Image Loop Create a slide show of your photos and share it online.

Here are some sites that offer images licensed for reuse ("copyright free" images). Remember, t is always proper to cite the source of your content.

Photographs and Clip Art

//Artvex Free Clip Art Database//
Free Clip Art by Philiip Martin
School Clip Art for Teachers and Students Worry-free searching, because all content is "safe" for student viewing and use.
Flickr Scroll to the bottom, select "onliy search within creative commons".
Google Images Use the advanced image search, and be sure to change the Usage Rights section to allow searching for sites licensed for reuse.
Open Photo
Burning Well
Creative Commons
Search for photos on the flickr site that are permitted to be used or modified as long as you give attribution.
MorgueFile Free images for your inspiration, reference and use in your creative work, be it commercial or not!
3D Toad- A innovative site with interactive 360-degree rotatable images.
Behold- A nice search engine to use with adult supervision for finding images on Flickr.
Find Icons- A great site for finding free icons to use in the classroom.
FreeFoto- A wonderful site for 1000s of free photos that can be used by students.
FreePhotoBank- A excellent site for free stock photos.
humanline- A new site for teachers and students for free images for art, history, science, etc.
ookaboo- A great way to search for free stock photos on a wide variety of subjects.
OpenClipArt- A nice site for free clip art.
Picsearch- A excellent place for finding images as long as being used with adult supervision.
Sprixi- A great way to search for images with adult supervision.
Veezzle- A free stock photo search engine and community.
Visual Dictionary- Not only a great place to find educational photos, but also offers descriptions and more.

MorgueFile Free images for your inspiration, reference and use in your creative work, be it commercial or not!

Love Vector Free Students will find illustrations for use in projects on this site. Vector means that the images can be resized without blurry effects. Free means that your students can use the images without opening your wallet.'s legal page allows people to use any image on the site for any purpose, without attribution.